NEW Curriculum for Returning Tween Campers! Aug 13 – 17


Monday: Unicorn Cake – Learn how to make your very own Eunice the Unicorn! Our most popular cake ever.

Tuesday: Perfect Disaster Cake INCLUDING Parisian Macarons – These cakes are as fun to make as they look. Pictured here, learn how to make your own perfect disaster cake including Parisian macarons! 2 classes in one.

Wednesday: Flooded Cookies – On Wednesday we will learn how to bake and decorate your own flooded cookies! Get ready to smell and taste the deliciousness.

Thursday: Character Cake – Learn to sculpt elements of your chosen design out of rice krispie treats, bake a cake from scratch and decorate using fondant! All skills of a cake pro

Friday: Perfect Pies with a field trip to St. Lawerence Market – On our last day together we will venture out of the studio and into St. Lawerence Market! At the market we will shop for our pie’s fruit filling as well as have a chefs tour. Then return to the studio to use our fresh fruit for our perfect pies.

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