Ice Cream Cone Class

In this full day class you learn how to create this fantastical Ice Cream Cone Cake.  The talented Cake Decorator, former Bonnie Gordon College Head Teacher and top pastry chef in the city Chef Julie Montgomery is at the helm of this class.  The result of your full day of masking, decorating is a gorgeous edible ice cream cone cake.  Each step from the construction of the base to the creation of the shiny cherry on top is all explained to students in a fun and relaxed environment.

  • Ice Cream Cone Decorating Class at Artscape – 180 Shaw St, Toronto, ON M6J 2W5 – 500 meters from Le Dolci.

    Wednesday Jul. 5th, 10am-5pm

    Le Dolci Bake Shop & Culinary Classroom
    1006 Dundas Street West Toronto Ontario M6J 1W6
    $350.00 $299.99

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