Class Descriptions

Kids Baking Boot Camp

Ideal for ages 7-14.

Pricing includes all baking material and most importantly, take-home treats!!

Week 1: Cupcake fun Learn to decorate cupcakes using buttercream and beautiful fondant creations.

Week 2 : Make your own doughnuts and decorate them to match the colour of the season.

Week: 3: Decorate your own vanilla cake with fall buttercream decorations

Week: 4: Pumpkin pie – Take dessert off your families hands, you will be ready to WOW them with your pumpkin pie creation.

Parisian Macarons

In our Parisian Macarons class, you will learn the secrets and tips from our Pastry Chefs to create these temperamental, sweet treats. After all your hard work, you’ll take home a minimum of 12 cookies. Delicious!

Naked Cake Decorating

Topping the charts in popularity the “Naked Cake” also known as the “Perfect Disaster” this is currently all the rage in trendy cakes, come join us to demystify its beauty. Together we will cut, stack, mask and scrape our cakes creating the perfect canvas for us to place treats on top. Our Chef will also help you create your own stunning chocolate shards, feathers and other wonders designed purely for the “WOW” factor. Be sure to take lots of pictures as this tasty cake is definitely going to blow up your social media along with your taste buds.

Cinnamon Buns

Warm, sticky and cinnamon sweet! Come master the art to this guilty pleasure. In this hands-on class you will learn to prepare a classic yeast dough cinnamon bun. This mouth watering dessert will have your family and friends clamoring for a brunch invitation! As a bonus we will be teaching the delectable Chelsea Bun. Each guest will take home one tray of cinnamon buns and one tray of Chelsea buns – YUMMMM

Upgrade your experience with a white ceramic fluted dish – display your warm treats in this elegant plate perfect for rolls, cinnamon buns and pies.

Intro to Cake Decorating

Our Cake Decorating class is a three-hour class that shows you how to decorate a cake from start to finish using fondant and buttercream. At the end of the class, you will leave with your very own mini cake creation.

Eclairs and Profiteroles

In our eclairs and profiteroles class, you will learn the secrets to preparing and mastering these delicious treats. Students take home the treats they create!

Introduction to Buttercream Flowers

You will learn about the various specialty piping tips and tools used for decorating as well as how to make simple roses, rose buds, primroses and filler flowers. Once you get the hang of it we will learn more advanced flowers including dahlias, chrysanthemums, daisies as well as the perfect rose.

Tricky to master but addictive when perfected, this skill will stay with you for many birthdays and celebration cakes to come. You’ll love showing your new talent to your friends and loved ones.

Doughnut Fun

In this two-hour class, you will learn the fundamentals of creating brioche dougnuts, including mixing, proofing and frying. Decorate your creations with a variety of toppings and glazes and youv’e instantly got #dessertporn. Each student takes home their sweet and delicious goodies… to share or not to share.


This class is perfect if you’ve been dying to learn how to make a perfect, flaky pastry.  You will learn the lifetime skill of how to make great crust, work with seasonal fillings, learn some pie lore and enjoy hands on foodie fun. In our Perfect Pie class, each student will take home a large delicious pie ready to bake at home.

Chocolate Lovers Bootcamp

Week 1 –Chocolate Cookies & BrowniesLearn to make delicious fudge”y” chocolate brownie & a chocolate Sablé cookie sandwich with creamy milk chocolate ganache.
Week 2 –
 S’mores Pie – Learn to make a graham cracker crust, chocolate ganache filling and homemade marshmallows that you will brûlée in your oven.

Week 3 – Chewy Caramels & Florentines -make chocolate caramels along with Florentines garnished with chocolate.

Week 4 –  Molten Lava Cake with Chantilly Cream & Strawberry Compote

Unicorn Cake Decorating

Join us for our most anticipated class all year round and learn how to make your very own UNICORN CAKE. In this class, you will learn to properly mask a cake in buttercream, create a unicorn horn out of a dowel and fondant, paint using edible gold, create gumpaste ears and eyes and lastly pipe a “mane” using various piping techniques. Be prepared to wow your friends and family with your stunning creation.